Project with your BigBand or a Jazz Combo

The classical (string) colors of Estro Armonico exquisitely enrich the sound of your ensemble. In order to find a good balance between the classical instruments and your band, a well-thought-out sound system is essential. Also, a correct separation between the strings and the drums is necessary, either by a screen or distance. For good ensemble coordination in projects with a jazz band, it has proven to work best with a conductor with experience in both classical and jazz music.

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The Orchestre National du Jazz and the Estro ArmonicoOrchestra performed for the first time at the Fête de la Musique with original compositions by Gast Waltzing and David Laborier

They have chosen us

Thanks to its flexibility, Estro Armonico has been engaged by the Big Band "Opus 78" under the direction of Serge Bausch, by the National Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Gast Waltzing, by Jazz Combo with Pol Belardi, Ernie Hames, David Ascani... It has recorded a lot of film music by Gast Waltzing, Roland Wiltgen, Jeannot Sanavia, Marc Mangen, Luc Rollinger...

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An offer that is dedicated to you.

If you are interested in doing a project with us, please contact us to discuss all aspects of the project. Here's how we do it:

Step 1

Define the project, the program, the desired dates of rehearsals and concerts and contact us with this information.

Step 2

Decide with us the number of musicians and rehearsals necessary for your project and fix together the different dates.

Step 3

Ensure the availability of adequate partitions.

Step 4

Estro Armonico asbl will make an estimate according to the collected data and will send it to you for acceptance. Only the real costs will be taken into account in the amount invoiced.

Step 5

Once the conditions of collaboration are agreed upon, the project is launched.

Composition possible

While in unamplified music the number of musicians in the strings decreases from the first violins down to the lower instruments, it turned out that in the music referred to here, a formation with 3 first violins, 3-second violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos and a double bass gives very good results. For an even rounder and more homogeneous sound, there is nothing to prevent you from using a few more violins and violas. On the other hand, going below 3 musicians per section will give an unsatisfactory result.

Frequently asked questions

Estro Armonico has recorded a lot of film music on click, conducted by Gast Waltzing. Experience has shown that playing on a click with a conductor at the same time gives a result that is musically more convincing.

It is necessary to foresee in principle +- 1 square meter per musician. It is also important to provide an acoustic separation, either by distance or by a screen, between the drummers and the strings. A too strong sound is also very annoying for our instrumentalists.

Estro Armonico is open to all styles. Thus, it has created many works in both the "contemporary music" and "jazz" styles. Of course, the number of rehearsals required to perform contemporary works must be carefully considered.

Any alteration of the varnish of stringed instruments diminishes their value. Therefore, musicians do not accept pickups that have to be attached to the body of the instrument. Most often, microphones are proposed that are fixed on the strings or on the tailpiece. Or simply microphones that are located above the musicians.

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