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Estro Armonico is not a permanent orchestra and does not organize concert series. In fact, it usually acts as a "service provider", i.e. it has no influence either on the programs or on the choice of the conductor. As a result, it cannot invite conductors as is customary for large permanent orchestras. However, the orchestra is open to any request for a project from an outside conductor. The orchestra seriously analyzes each request that is submitted on its feasibility and will contact you.

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Conductor leading a concert in a beautiful concert hall.

They have chosen us

In the beginning, Estro Armonico worked with the famous musicians Hans-Martin Linde and Jaap Schroeder in order to train themselves in the interpretation of baroque and classical music. In addition, Estro Armonico has worked and still works with conductors such as Guy van Waas, Carlo Jans, Jeannot Weimerskirch and Pierre Cao.

Carlo Jans at the concert
Jeannot Weimerskirch is conducting a concert
Pierre Cao is conducting a concert

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An offer that is dedicated to you

If you are interested in doing a project with us, do not hesitate to contact us via this site. We will contact you to see all the possibilities. Here are the steps to follow in close collaboration with us:

Step 1

Define the project, the program, the desired dates of rehearsals and concerts and contact us with this information.

Step 2

Decide with us the number of musicians and rehearsals necessary for your project and fix together the different dates.

Step 3

Ensure the availability of adequate partitions.

Step 4

Estro Armonico asbl will make an estimate according to the collected data and will send it to you for acceptance. Only the real costs will be taken into account in the amount invoiced.

Step 5

Once the conditions of collaboration are agreed upon, the project is launched.

Composition of the orchestra

The musicians of the orchestra are paid per rehearsal and per concert. The choice of works is crucial in determining the number of rehearsals and musicians needed. This will also affect the budget of the project.

Estro Armonico plays with a minimum of strings 3,3,2,1,1. It can go up to a rather large formation: strings: 8,7,6,4,2, harmony: 3(2+1),3(2+1), 3(2+1), 3(2+1) 4,3,3,1, timpani, harp, saxophone, percussion, harpsichord, piano

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the orchestra does concerts with the requested combinations.

Yes, we can offer works from our repertoire that require a minimum of rehearsal time.

The orchestra travels outside the country. However, we have to keep an eye on the availability of the orchestra and count on travel expenses. We take care of the organizational part of the transportation.

Estro Armonico is open to all styles. The orchestra has performed in many projects in both the "contemporary music" and "jazz" styles. Of course, the number of rehearsals required to perform contemporary works must be carefully considered.

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