A set for your event or party

Estro Armonico will give your event the "High End" touch. It can accompany your event with background music or it can enhance your academic session with musical interludes between speeches. Whether you like baroque music with harpsichord or music from the 20s with tangos and ragtime, whether you enjoy a concert with a soloist of your choice, whether you want to offer an exclusive concert to your clients, for your staff, followed by a reception? Estro Armonico is ready to create a tailor-made project with you.

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They have chosen us

Estro Armonico has valued the parties of different institutions, banks and
private persons. Examples of events that we can embellish, either with background music or with a small concert:

Receptions, Aperitifs, Dinners, End of year celebrations, Academic sessions,
Private classical concerts, Concerts with a soloist of your choice (instrumentalist, singer, jazz musician, etc.)

Big birthday party
Jubilee celebration
gala event 2018

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Our personalized offer

If you are thinking of enhancing your party with a noble musical touch, do not hesitate to contact us via this site. We will contact you to discuss all the possibilities with you. Here are the steps to follow in close collaboration with us:

Step 1

Tell us the date and place of the event

Step 2

Define with us the form of the performance, the number of musicians and the type of music desired

Step 3

Estro Armonico asbl will make an estimate according to the collected data. The amount invoiced will never exceed the amount of the estimate.

Step 4

Possibly visit with us the place of the event, in order to decide the best location for the musicians.

Number of people in the group

Estro Armonico has the experience and a repertoire in many different formations: the baroque trio or quartet (1 or 2 violins; a violin and a flute, 1 cello, 1 harpsichord), the string quartet which can interpret all styles (from baroque to pop, The Beatles style, passing by classical music, romantic music, music of the '20s...), the larger formations to play ballroom music (Tangos, Rag Times) and the orchestra (with strings or winds)

Frequently asked questions

It is necessary to calculate 1 square meter per musician.

We will review your request to see if it is feasible for the group of musicians we are selecting for the event.

In general, musicians play seated, with a music stand. Cellists cannot play standing up. The ensemble can of course move around, if the venue allows for several places large enough to play, but it takes some time to move the music stands to another place.

The musical instruments used are very sensitive and cannot be exposed to the sun or rain. If the conditions of shelter are given, there is nothing to prevent a beautiful musical party in a park or on a terrace. However, the instruments sound less loud in the open air. For large parties, several groups of different formations (with or without wind instruments) can be considered.

The instruments used are usually played without a sound system. A small ensemble gives a "high-end" touch to your event. Generally, guests like to converse and too much music would be distracting. With this in mind, there are organizers who request that there be no music between courses. For very large events and if you want all the guests to hear the music well, you can consider a sound system.

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