Who is Estro Armonico

Estro Armonico is a chamber orchestra founded in Luxembourg in 1992. We are happy to satisfy your requests for accompaniment of a wide variety of groups and styles, as well as to offer concerts for solo orchestra.

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A part of the orchestra estro armonico is at the entrance of a castle in Luxembourg.

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Years of existence

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Members of the ASBL

Nomen est omen

“Estro Armonico”, an old Italian expression, could be translated as “harmonious being” or “harmonious genius”. Vivaldi thus used this term to refer to his Opus 3 concerti, and since some of these concertos were performed during the ensemble's first concert in 1992, the orchestra's players were inspired to adopt the name.

The message conveyed by the name really defines the spirit of the ensemble. Not only is Estro Armonico's playing characterized by homogeneous and harmonious interpretations, but the work within the orchestra among its musicians and with external contributors takes place in a most sympathetic atmosphere.

This approach to making music together is bearing fruit: the ensemble is highly regarded by the amateur formations it accompanies and by the public, as evidenced by the great enjoyment of attending Estro Armonico performances.

Check the :

Violinist in close-up

Members of the Board of Directors

Marcel Stephany


Guy Goethals

Vice President

Claudine Bausch


Aloyse Ney


Jehanne Strepenne


Patrick Haas


Martine Roster


Barbara Piwiec


Check out our instruments.

The air enters into vibration in many ways. Estro Armonico does this with all the instruments of the classical orchestra: strings, woodwinds, brass and timpani. Other instruments can be added to the basic formation: basset horn, recorder, harpsichord, organ, harp, saxophone...

    • happy violinists
      Second violins
    • Flute player during a concert
    • Horn player in the background
    • Timpani player in the background
    • Bassoon musicians in concert
    • First violins of the Estro Armonico in action
      First violins
    • Orchestra musicians in concert
      Clarinet & Oboe
    • Double bass player of Estro Armonico
      Double bass
    • Viola player during a concert under a blue sky
    • Cello musicians who are happy
    • Guy Goethals in action during a concert at CAPE
    • Trumpet and trombone players at a concert ©Pierre-Weber
      Trumpet & Trombone

    Will you support us?

    Estro Armonico is mainly financed by income from its activities as a service provider (for choral and other formations). The orchestra is also supported via an agreement by the Ministry of Culture.

    Donations are the third source of funding. Your support allows us to stabilize prices vis-à-vis our “customers”.

    Estro Armonico asbl is approved for its cultural activities by the national cultural fund (FOCUNA), so your donations are tax deductible under the conditions provided for by law.

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    Do you want to
    work with us?

    Are you planning to organize a concert, party or other event?
    Do you want to delight your guests so that they remember the event for years? Give it a unique character, a sophisticated taste and class?

    We support both public and private events. For a detailed offer tailored to your event, please select below the group your event type belongs to, use the website to provide us with as many details as possible. We will get back to you promptly to discuss options and the offer. If your event is not included in the proposals, please contact us through the contact form below and we will work together to find the best solution for you.

    Project with your choir

    Orchestra estro armonico with the choir of Pierre Cao © Pierre Weber

    Project with your BigBand or Jazz Combo

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    Project with your
    Symohony Orchestra

    Musicians of the Hormonie union troisvierges during a concert in Luxembourg

    Project with you as a conductor

    Conductor leading a concert in a beautiful concert hall.

    An offer for your event or party

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    Our musical offer for your wedding

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