The Estro Armonico in action

On this page you will find a selection of concerts, projects and other events that we have performed. It is also possible to listen to sound recordings of selected works performed by our orchestra, or collaborations with other artists. We invite you to listen, watch and share. You will feel as if you are participating in our concert!

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’Estro en video

Christmas Concert

Concert recorded at the Protestant Church in Luxembourg under the direction of Jehanne Strepenne

Lou Koster Album

Light, subtle and sensual music, full of unexpected turns and emotional nuances. A recording for the Naxos label conducted by Jonathan Kaell.

Mozart Requiem

Organized by Rotary Brussels Altitude at the Abbey of La Cambre for the benefit of CREB Woluwe and under the direction of Fabrice Van de Putte

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Our gallery

  • preparation of Ivan Boumans' program for the concert at CAPE
  • Handel concert Koerich 2021
  • Musical Gala - Troisvierges - 2021
  • National Jazz Orchestra Luxembourg & Estro Armonico. on the Kinegswis 2019, Direction: Gast Waltzing ©
  • Concert "Der Geiger von Echternach" of the year 2022 © Pierre Weber
  • Concert "die Schöpfung" of the year 2010 © Joss Scheeck
  • December 2007 concert at the Philharmonie © Joss Scheeck

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Project with your choir

Orchestra estro armonico with the choir of Pierre Cao © Pierre Weber

Project with your BigBand or Jazz Combo

A trombone in close-up standing on the stage with many colored lights

Project with your
Symohony Orchestra

Musicians of the Hormonie union troisvierges during a concert in Luxembourg

Project with you as a conductor

Conductor leading a concert in a beautiful concert hall.

An offer for your event or party

A well decorated and covered table at a banquet

Our musical offer for your wedding

A newlywed couple sitting on a wooden bridge in the middle of nature

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